• I see Reagan! I am in CA and Kim just told me that Reagan is napping in the crib for the 1st time.

  • Grandpa C

    Happy 4th Reagan…

    Grandma, Jamie, Kevin, Ryan, Sara, Jordan and I are at the beach to enjoy the pool and fireworks.

    Enjoy your first 4th…Love Grandpa

  • G’ma C

    Good morning, Reagan. Mommy laid you in bed facing the camera, which gave me the chance to watch you better! Love you.

  • Nice blog!

  • Vicki Elwell

    I have been looking at your pages off and on for the past month and I finally got to see your baby napping and moving around. What a doll! But doesn’t it bother you to have a webcam up for all the world to see?

  • hello Reagan, baby boom

  • Jennifer delp

    aww man… i can’t see her. i have to download something in order to see her. i can see sydney’s webcam because it is on her homepage.


  • Good morning, Reagan. Its 7:30 there…shouldn’t you be waking mommy up now? You are the only one on camera to check in on. I am on my way back home. In Philadelphia right now waiting for my flight. See you soon!

  • G’ma C

    Ahhh, Reagan, I’ve been watching as you try to settle down for a nap. Wish I could reach inside your webcam and rub your back, sneak some kisses and sing you some songs. Here’s one…”You are my Reagan, my only Reagan. You make me happy when I see you. You’ll never know, Reagan, how much I love you, so please don’t take my Reagan away.” Once upon a time some idiot tried to use “sunshine” instead of “Reagan”, but we’ve changed that! xoxo Grammie

  • ashley

    Awww… She just moved from lying on her side to that classic baby booty-in-the-air pose. How cute!

  • Aunt Jamie

    Reagan, you look so peaceful napping in your crib. I wish Uncle Kevin and I were there to visit. Fort Wayne is having terrible weather here. It is snowing we are supposed to get a couple more inches of snow and we have a terrible wind chill too.. I hope you have sweet dreams! Love You!

  • lillie

    Hi there! I was just wandering around trying to find my niece’s blog when I came across sweet Reagan’s. How do I see the web cam? Well, she’s a cutie.