Happy Birthday, Reagan

By BrandonBirth8 Comments

Its our pleasure to announce the arrival of Reagan Marin Fuller! Weighing in at 7 lbs. 12 oz., Reagan was born at 08:13 PM MDT on April 22nd, 2005. Everybody is doing fine.


Might post some more tonight. We will see what kinds of opportunities I get. Hope to show the video here soon. Thanks for staying up and seeing us through. We love you all!

  • eburke

    welcome, reagan! we’ve been sitting here continuously hitting “refresh” on the browser for a few hours now just waiting for news!!

    we’re all very happy that mom and baby are both fine. dad, we don’t really care about too much. that’s ok, he’s used to it.

    nathan says he’ll be asking reagan out on a date in a few years.

  • Stephanee

    Congratulations!! She is beautiful.

  • G’ma & Papa C

    Welcome to our hearts, Reagan Marin! What a wonderful life awaits you! See you in May.

    Grammie & Papa

  • Grandma Carole+Grandpa Herbie

    What a beautiful addition to your family ! Great job Mom and Dad. Can’t wait to hear what big sister has to say about Reagan. Our friends have all been gathered around our computer tonight waiting on the news. Give her a kiss from us!

  • Natalee & Dohn

    Where the hell is Reagan, Marin??? Dohn and I would like to visit there some time. (If it’s real) Congrats on the new addition!! Dohn and I will babysit soon!

  • Erin & Steve

    Congratulations Kim and Sidney and you too Brandon. It may be time for a bigger house. 2 kids the dogs and cats and four wheelers and a hummer. Definitely need more room.

  • Jamie

    Congratulations Kim and Brandon Reagan is beautiful. I cant wait to meet her.

  • Uncle Ben

    Congrats Kimmy and Brandon! Someday I’ll have to start making some additions to the fam…