• Grandma Hakes

    The whole day yesterday was very exciting – and best of all – this beautiful, dark haired beauty pops right into our lives. Mom, Dad and Sydney are very proud — and so is Grandma. Time for the other grandparents to get scheduled for a visit. Everyone hear is anxious to show off baby Reagan. Her middle name is very pretty too — the 2nd syllable is empasized. Ma-RIN. Dad says she’s named after a very beautiful city north of the golden gate. I think my visit’s going to be way to short. Grandpa Hakes already wishes he had come. I know aunt Stephanie is green with envy – but unfortunately filled with pregnancy too. Enjoying Colorado and my welcome to Reagan – Grandma Hakes – better known by Sydney as “The Lady”.

  • Stephanee

    It’s hard to tell in pictures, but Reagan looks like whe might have some of Papa Fullers coloring. Did Kimmy get her little american indian baby? Anyhow, she sure looks cute. I wish I could see her, but that will have to wait a bit.—-And yes, I’m jealous, I would so love to not be pregnant anymore. The itching is just so much fun!!

  • G’ma C

    Reagan, Papa and I watched your birth, but I honestly couldn’t see through my tears. Mommy and Daddy have taken such good care of you these last nine months; it’s good to have you here.

    I guess you’re the little Princess now, and Ne Ne has been promoted to Queen Bee.