First Full Day

By BrandonBirth5 Comments

Not a ton of sleep last night. The first night is always so brutal but we made it through.

Charlee — I mean Ye Ye — and Ne Ne came up for a visit this morning and this evening.


Finally, someone takes a picture of Dad.


The girls all together. I got some more video of Sydney holding the baby. She is cracking us up. She loves to touch, poke, and talk to the baby. Here Sydney is checking the babies ear for “poo poo” — otherwise known as ear wax.


We get to go home on Sunday around noon.

  • G’ma C

    She must be a keeper … everyone is smiling!

  • Cindy & Kirk

    Hey! Great little addition to family she look’s precious. Hey! Brandon they have the number’s good luck. Great to see everyone doing wonderful.

    Love, Cindy and Corky and Kids

  • Grandma Carole+Grandpa Herbie

    What a proud Dad! Great picture of you and the newest member of the Fuller household. You finally got your wish Brandon… You are surrounded by girls…that is what you meant isn’t it?

  • Jenn (AKA-MAMA)

    She’s beautiful! You all are one blessed family. Best of luck hunkering down for the next few weeks, they’re always tough, unless you have a sleeper baby that you have to wake up to feed (we personally hear about babies like that but never experienced it ;-)) Can’t wait to see you all in a few months- whenever you can handle us all!

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