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Sydney wants to be everywhere Reagan is. So today I let the girls hang out together in Reagan’s pack-n-play. Actually, the girls had both just made Mom a present and this seemed easiest for the dual diaper change. As you can see, Sydney was not about to let Reagan steal her Mommy’s attention at this moment.


Sydney soon felt bad about her practical joke. So an apology kiss was given.


Ok, I don’t know what Reagan was thinking in this picture. But, this is a look at the classic Reagan eye bugout. This is becoming her signature look.

  • Grandma Hakes

    What Reagan is thinking is, “First she’s nice, then she covers my face, what’s next?” When you’re less than 10 pounds – you are cautious in life with anything bigger than two feet. Thank you for the pictures — we LOVE THEM! Grandma Hakes