Get Your Monies Worth

By BrandonA Day in the Life3 Comments

Reagan’s favorite hangout is the saucer. This is something we bought for Sydney and she wouldn’t spend 5 minutes in it. I have been doing stuff around the house this morning and Reagan has been in there for about an hour. Score.

  • Nana+Papa Herbie

    Reagan, what a life saver for your Mama! I had to use an old laundry basket with your Daddy! We just filled it with toys and pulled him around to different parts of the room.

  • Jennifer delp

    Hi! your kiddos are sooo cute! but just to let you know, Reagan is sitting in the saucer backwards. Just an F.Y.I. Congrats on potty training Sydney!

  • Ava Meline

    yeah i agree with jennifer. she would be able to reach the toys better and would have a back to lean on if she wasnt sitting in it backwards.