Happy Six Months Old to Me

By KimMilestones2 Comments

Wow, can you believe I am already six months old. For this big occasion I have decided its high time I sat up on my own without any support. Mommy is happy since I was starting to get grumpy from laying on the floor all the time. I am ready to get up and move, darn it! Of course I am still a little wobbly so Mommy usually puts pillows around me to make the fall not quite so scary. She always thinks of everything.


My big Sister even let me have a turn in her Dora chair. That was really fun!

  • Happy 1/2 birthday, number 2.

  • Nana+Papa Fuller

    Reagan, you look so cute sitting up! Glad your big sister is sharing the Dora chair with you. It probably will be to small for her before to long.