Crawl Baby Crawl

By KimMilestones6 Comments

Over the weekend I decided that I have had just about enough of Mommy’s games. She has been putting all my favorite toys on the other side of the room and then taunting me by playing wth them without me. No need to tell you just how much this really ticked me off. Well, I’ve had enough. On Saturday, with no help from anyone, I finally got up and crawled over to these toys. It’s pay back time Mommy, I now can and will get into everything! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…(Evil baby laugh)


Video to follow shorlty.

  • Nana Fuller

    Good job Reagan! Can’t wait to see the video.Love You! P.S. Watch out Dakota and Wyatt.

  • Aunt Steph

    Go Reagan – Go. Next you can teach Jonathan. He will only roll across the room, or army crawl.

  • Jennifer Delp

    hey! good job miss Reagan! if you lived near me, i would have you teach my newly adopted baby sister. she is also nine months old, and slightly bigger than you at 14 lbs. 5 ounces. oh, and she was adopted from china. i got to name her, and i loved your name so much that i named her Reagan! i hope you don’t mind. if you do, we still have time to change her name. we have another one in mind. 🙂 good Job Reagan!!!

  • jennifer delp

    what i meant to say was that i liked your daughter so much and i thought she was so cute that i decided t oname my abby sister reagan. e-mail me if you want me to change it. i want t obe sure that it is ok to name my sister after your darling reagan.

  • Kim

    I think Reagan would be honored that you thought so much of her to name your sister after her. Of course we don’t mind sharing the name with your little sister. Congrats, on the new sister. I’m sure you will be a great big sister to her. – Reagan’s Mom

  • jennifer delp

    thanks you so much! i have been having a bad day today, and you made it better with that comment! 🙂