Cruising Through My Birthday

By BrandonMilestones9 Comments

She made it! She made it! Reagan is one year old today. Now I can stop telling people “X months” and just say 1. Reagan got several gifts but I will highlight mine of course — the Dora Quad ATV. This baby cruises at 2.5 MPH and has great handling abilities. Gotta start them young! Hey, it says 12 months and up on the box. We are all safety cleared then.


Sydney wants an electric car for her birthday — which isn’t for a few weeks. So this isn’t going over too well so far. “No, its my birthday first!”, she keeps repeating.

Reagan will be having a big birthday bash next weekend — combined with Sydney. Stay tuned!

  • Jennifer delp

    Happy bithday to you…happy birthday to you…Happy birthday Dear reagan….Happy birthday to you! From Jenny 🙂

  • G’ma C

    Happy 1st birthday, Reagan! Love you, Papa and Grammie

  • Jennifer delp

    My neighbor got a cinderella Pontiac solstice designed car for her birthday. Syd would look cute in that :). oh and it is a two seater so reagan can ride along too! Just a suggestion.

    Jennifer 🙂

  • Nana+Papa Fuller

    Reagan, one of the most wonderful days of our life was April 22nd…the day your parents called with the news that you had just arrived! Hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration! Love You!

  • Aunt Steph

    Happy- Happy Birthday Reagan!! My don’t you look beautiful on your ATV.

  • Mimi Fuller

    Reagan, don’t get a speeding ticket! Hope to see you this summer. Love You!

  • Christian

    Christian says “Happy Birthday – Sydney’s Reagan”! I like your bike! That’s it ok!

  • Jennifer W.

    Hello Reagan! I found your sister’s blog one day by accident and have spent the better part of a week reading all about the two of you. I quite enjoyed it and will certainly check back. You are some lucky girls! Your parents seem so great and all of your family just loves and adores you! It’s beautiful to see. I have a daughter who’s 6 months older than you named Marisa, and I wish I knew about this blog sooner, as it’s inspired me to do more with my baby and to take even more pictures. I’ve been telling Marisa’s daddy all about your Dora ATV and you and your sisters blogs, trying to get him to do the same things for Marisa. It’s not working yet.

    You have a beautiful family! Best of luck. Hope you don’t mind if I make it a regular thing to check the blogs out.

  • Jennifer Delp

    Yeah. i hope you don’t mind me replying to the blogs either. i am such a worry wort. i always think i am not welcome in places, and i have known about this blog since september 2005, and i didn’t reply to anything for while. so i hope you don’t mind that i check back EVERDAY! lol