Little Pink Corvette

By KimA Day in the Life3 Comments

Reagan has been very unhappy that her parents have not been letting her ride around in the pink corvette with her sister. If you had seen her sister’s driving you would understand our hesitation. Daddy agreed this was very unfair so he fashioned up a seat belt for Miss Reagan. Oh, and her sister’s driving skills have greatly improved. The girls can now cruise the neighborhood in style.

  • jenny delp

    My neighbor has the same car. doesn’t it have a built in seat belt?

  • Kim

    Nope. I think you said your neighbor had the pink pontiac or something similar. Not the corvette.

  • Jenny Delp

    i have a neighbor that has a corvette, and a neighbor that has a pontiac. maybe the newer corvette models don’t have seat belts because they are so big and the kids can’t reach the pedal while buckled in. that was the case with my neighbor.