Silver Dollar

By BrandonAdventures2 Comments

We went camping all weekend at Silver Dollar. Reagan is a good camper but not a good sleeper. On night one, Mom claims Reagan never slept for more than 10 minutes in a stretch. This kept everyone including our neighbors up for most of the night. Finally Mom had it and took Reagan into the truck to sleep — well, I mean scream so nobody could hear her. The next day she slept on our excursions. But when it wasn’t time to sleep, it was so fun to sit by the fire with her big sister.


Thank god we always bring our chef along to prepare Reagan’s favorite foods!

  • Sarah

    LOL..the grin on Reagan’s face in the first picture makes me laugh…she’s like “okay parents i’ll give you a break…for now.”

  • Nana Fuller

    Reagan you sure look like you are having a great time camping. Can’t wait until your Dad takes you ‘snipe hunting’. Its a Fuller tradition!