New Dress

By KimA Day in the Life4 Comments

You all know how much Reagan is into accessorizing her outfit with necklaces, hats, purses, etc. Well, the new accessory has got me a little stumped. It started at the pool this summer. I would wrap her up in a towell tight to keep her warm. She would then walk around the entire pool like this. Needless to say she got quite a few laughs. The other day I was folding the laundry when this towell was spotted. She immediately started screaming to be wrapped up. She can walk around like this for a good 10 minutes before it unwinds and then the screaming starts back up again. She wants it on constantly. Is this weird?

  • Sarah

    I don’t think it’s weird. My littlest cousin Morgan is just a bit older than Reagan and she has always been obsessed with bracelets. I know that doesn’t sound weird, but if she doesn’t have them on she will scream and scream, I guess it’s like an insecurity thing. All toddlers are different, but they all have something particular–they are really more clever than we give them credit for! Did your other daughter, Sydney ever go through something like this? It will pass.

  • Aunt Steph

    Yeah it’s a little wierd, but we’ll keep you anyhow.:) Jonathan does silly things too.

  • Grandma Hakes

    I don’t think it’s weird at all — It’s part of the princess development stage. I think your Mom passed through this stage around the same age and she turned out great — beautiful of course also. Grandma was very sad to see your dentist visit picture. I hope you have recovered Reagan — it appears to be so traumatic. You are such a brave soul! Love Grandma Hakes

  • Nana Fuller

    Hey Mom she is trying to tell you that she needs a trip to a beach!