Gimmie Five

By KimA Day in the Life3 Comments

Reagan has recently discovered the wonderful world of ‘gimmie fives.’ She has always been super shy with other people but now all these people have to do is offer up their fives and she is more than happy to oblige. She also uses these fives to help make people feel better. For example, she may throw a tantrum and hit you but as soon as you cry she offers you a five then says “Its OK.” The fives can solve anything man.


Oh, by the way. I have been upgraded to the big table. No more high chairs for me. Isn’t this exciting!

  • Sarah

    Wow, Reagan, has your hair grown in or what!!! And man, is it dark! You look so pretty. *High-Five*

  • grandma Hakes

    REAGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your face is changing — looking older and so much more mature. Just like your big sister and Mom. Miss you — Grandma Hakes

  • Reagan, you are getting so big! I remember when I first saw this blog, you had NO hair! but look at your hair now! you are suc ha pretty little girl 🙂