Happy Birthday!

By BrandonMilestones12 Comments

We made it! The terrible 2s officially started today but Reagan decided to start the year off in a good mood. Presents and lots of sugary treats probably helped.


Reagan started the day by finding the present stash and bringing them out one by one to open. So we moved outside and had our little birthday bash! The real combined birthday party with friends is in May. Stay tuned!


This video is long but it is a milestone! We start with present opening, then some play, then some cake! Many surprises inside like Reagan singing Happy Birthday to herself and the present one of the cats made for Reagan in her sandbox.

After all of that, I put Reagan on the potty before bath to get her out of my way for a second and she started peeing! Not a bad start to year #3!

  • Jennifer W

    Happy 2nd Birthday Reagan!

    Is there anything I should upload/update to get the video to work? This one and the last one don’t play for me…

  • Aunt Steph

    Happy Birthday big girl!!! We miss you!!

  • Wow Reagan! 2 years old! I remember when you turned 1! there are also lots of things I remember too…like your first Halloween, when your learned to roll over, sit up, and al lthat stuff! You are getting so big so fast! slow down why don’t ya?? LOL

  • Sarah

    I’m in the same boat as Jennifer W. I soooo want to watch it, but it won’t let me. This one and last one didn’t work, but all the other ones work. I have QuickTime Player and Windows Media Player… is there something else I need?

  • ditto here….you should switch to windows meadia player or something….

  • It just takes patience. Lots of people are downloading them. Leave it sit there. As long as you the the good “Q” logo, its loading. Takes me 1/2 from work to load them. I put up high quality videos which are bigger but worth the wait.

  • sweet it worked! It used to have a “Q” with a question mark, but for osme reason its working now. 🙂

    it was very cute 🙂 shae’s so big now! I also like how Syd was picking her nose while Reagan was openning presents….LOL!

  • Marie

    If you see the “?” on the video, right click on the video and choose “open”, it should work… ;)It did when I tried… 😉 😉

  • Sarah

    Thanks, Brandon. It worked, this time. Very cute video. The girls are gorgeous. I love Reagan’s dark hair.

  • Sarah

    Also, very cute outfits!

  • Nana Fuller

    What a great party Reagan! Good job on blowing out the candles. Happy 2nd birthday! Love YOU!

  • Grandma Hakes