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Dear Reagan,

When you are older, I hope you get to read this. This morning, I could not get you dressed. I put your tights on you and you kept saying that “they made you feel crazy”. I am not sure if this is like Charles Manson-crazy or what. But you surely didn’t like them. So we gave up after 20 minutes of screaming. We put some other pants on you and you still were not happy. I will try my best to convince your mother that we should keep you as long as you don’t turn your crazy on me again.


  • My advice Brandon, drag her down the hallway by her arm. Dislocate said arm. Make daughter sit at Med Check for an hour while getting arm put back in place. Ask Mom for more advice, she might have more details of the event as I was about 5 when it happened. Straightened me out for a few months at least 🙂