Makeover Complete

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Ask Reagan and she will tell you: I have a princess room!

We are in the midst of a 3 room home makeover in preparation for baby. As part of that, the nursery is being moved to our guest room from Reagan’s room. So Reagan got a clean slate for her baby to big girl makeover. Honestly, she wanted a bunk bed for the longest time. I vetoed. She only needs one bed at a time. But we got the gist — she wanted a bed up high. She wanted some type of princess/fairy theme. Got it.

So Kim went to work for hours and hours designing the room. Picking furniture, paint colors, themes, characters, and accessories. I merely added the “yep, I guess it looks good” portion and paid for it. We stripped the room down and moved Reagan out of the room temporarily. We got the paint done in a weekend. Then a large pallet arrived at our house with 23 boxes of furniture to assemble. I made quick work of it and got most all of it up in one evening.

Ready for a tour? Here is your host, Reagan. She is demonstrating how she uses her desk. She loves her desk! She sits there and writes notes to people on her stationary. She also loves to display a lot of her “guys” on the shelves to the left side.

Reagan's Room

Kim got these great murals to dress up the walls to make the princess/fairy theme.

Reagan's Room

The bed is elevated as requested. Here is Syd demonstrating the way up. And Reagan for the way down. Yep, gotta slide down out of bed!

Reagan's Room

The unanimous favorite mural is this lady.

Reagan's Room

Good night, Reagan! Hope you enjoy your new room!

Reagan's Room

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  • Aunt Jamie

    Reagan, you have a very pretty room. If that was my room I don’t think I would ever want to come out.

  • Nana Fuller

    Reagan, Papa and I love your new bedroom and are looking forward to some notes from you now that you have your own desk! Love You!

  • I hope you get my room ready as nice as this one! Put some ‘guys’ in there for me and I’ll see you soon!

  • G’ma Coburn

    Jimminy Crickets … you’re going to slum it when you stay with Grammie and Papa Coburn. Pretty room for a pretty girl!