Be On Alert

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Houston, we have a loose tooth! The new one is coming in from the back and pushing the little one up and out. Reagan has seen Sydney get a payday from the gold mine in your mouth so she is now making a list of all the Squinkies she has yet to buy. Money should be rolling in soon. Just … Read More

Reagan Rides a Bike

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As a father, I don’t feel that I have many parental jobs that are solely my own. But the one that I distinctly own in our household is getting our kids transitioned from training wheels to a 2 wheeled bike. Sydney was my guinea pig and I learned a ton about this mysterious process in which you try and teach … Read More

Fall at Sunflower Farm

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There was no school today but the girls couldn’t stand the thought of not seeing their new school friends. So we decided to join a bunch of kids at Sunflower Farm for a fun play day together. This farm is always a favorite of ours and we haven’t been in a while so it sounded like a fun time. The … Read More