Cousin Jonathon

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I had met Cousin Jonathon before but this time around we were able to sit up and be more active so it was much more fun. You wouldn’t know it from these pictures but Jonathon is about a month younger then me. Yet, he weighs in at about 5 pounds more then me already. Not bad for being born so … Read More

Christmas Day

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Christmas Day was spent the whole day at Nana and Papa Fuller’s house. I was doing a little better probably because we weren’t running around so much, but still still pretty crabby. And would you believe I had more presents to open! Nana out did herself again with the home made gifts. Here is a picture of the matching scarves … Read More

Christmas Eve in Fort Wayne

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Next we headed out to Fort Wayne for Christmas with the family. There were so many people to see that we had to spread the holiday over two days. Christmas Eve was not such a great day for me. I wasn’t feeling too great so I was crabby most of the day. Despite my mood I made out pretty good. … Read More

My First Christmas

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Well, my first Christmas has come and gone and with it came some good and not so good moments. Things started out great as we celebrated Christmas here at home. We woke up and came downstairs to find all sorts of presents around the tree. Since I did not yet have my own stocking (Mimi soon took care of that … Read More