More Fort Wayne Pictures

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I finally have a couple of free minutes to post some of the Fort Wayne pictures. Reagan got a chance to meet a few family members. Of course, Mommy’s hands were a little tied with both kids and no Daddy so she didn’t get as many pictures as she wanted. Here are just a few.

Uncle Tom and Aunt Susan were able to stop by for a visit.


Aunt Sara flew in from Sarasota just to see me!


Here I am with Grammie and Papa Coburn, Yes, Grammie is in her PJ’s. Let us just say Grammie was a little tied up with her knee during our visit. No horsie rides this trip.


Here is the Partaker clan. Uncle Dave, Aunt Steph, and cousins Christian and Jonathon. I see a lot of good playmate potential here in the future.


I also got a chance to meet my Papa Hakes. He was extra super duper excited to finally meet me. He wasn’t so bad himself.


During the visit I also got in my first visit to the Johnny Appleseed Festival.


My sister had most of the fun. But, ha ha. I made Grandma carry me around the whole time. I’ve got her under my absolute control.


As big sister took a nap Buckeye Molly, an old friend of Nana’s, stopped by. I guess she knew Daddy from his days at the festival as a little one. Needless to say she was a little strange. But, she sure was nice to me.


And finally, I had one more first during my visit. Aunt Steph let me use Jonathon’s jumper. It was really cool. I can sit by myself and just jump away. Mommy loves this too. I now get plenty of exercise in this on a daily basis.


It sure was nice to play with the cousins. See you soon.