My First Halloween

By KimMilestones2 Comments

My First Halloween was kind of a hit and miss day. First, we headed over to my doctor’s office for my 6 month checkup. I got three shots in my legs which really made me cry. Then he pinned me down to look in my ears. I was crying so hard my whole face was red and my fists were shaking. Turns out I have my very first ear infection. No trick or treating for me tonight.

As soon as I got home I played my piano to help settle my nerves. Doesn’t my costume look slightly familiar. Kinda like maybe someone else has worn this before?


Since trick or treating was out of the question with my ears, Mommy let me have all the treats I wanted at home. I really slobbered all over this one Kit Kat bar.


All ended well though. I got a big kiss from Elmo. That outta make me feel better in no time.