My First Tooth

By KimMilestones6 Comments

I had my six month old chek-up last week and here are my stats. I weighed in at 12 lbs 6 oz which put me barely on the growth charts at only 3%. I always knew I was a little one. My length was 25 1/2 inches which put me in at the 40th% for length. My head measurement shot up off of my regular growth curve for some reason. I think that just goes to show my new level of intelligence. I was not happy about all the shots they put in my legs or the amount of time spent pinned down so they could look at my ears. Yeah, they did find that I have my first ear infection but give a gal some space. Since learning to sit up on my own I have no time for these little inconveniences.

Oh, well. This weekend Mommy and Daddy took me for a long walk and I got to wear my new poncho which Nana made for me. I must have really liked it because I was cheesing it up for the camera. Mommy couldn’t pick just one, I was being way too cute, so here are her favorites.

Look extra close and you just may see the bud of my first tooth. It popped through last Tuesday. Could be another reason for my late devil child antics. Daddy always says I look like an Ewok. Mommy thinks these photos show off more of a Yoda resemblance. What do you think?