Gringo Baby

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Not even eight months old and already vacationing out of the country. Bet you can’t say the same. Here are a few of the pictures from the whirlwind vacation to Puerto Vallarta.

To everyone’s surprise Reagan was quite the little water baby. It was so warm and Mama was always nearby so what was there not to like.


Daddy was allowed to hold miss cranky pants only few times. But if she got even the slightest glimpse of Mommy the waterworks began. Definitely what you may call a Mommy’s Girl.


During the nights Reagan thought it best to wake up about every hour or two to eat. Due to the lack of sleep at night it was pretty easy to get her to nap during the day. Too bad Mommy couldn’t do the same. Here she is taking a snooze on the beach. Can it get any better than this?


Nana brought Reagan this cool baby size beach ball. This ball was a huge hit with Reagan. You could just plop it down in front of her and she was oblivious to her surroundings. Hey, where did everybody go?


She especially loved hangin with her big sis and Mommy in the pool.


Daddy’s Turn


Mommy always had this hat on her head. It was great to pull on it and even suck on the rim. Yuck!


Daddy thought it was funny to mock the temper tantrums. Hey,Mommy was not holding me. What else should I have done?


Look at this cute little dress. Not to mention how well she is sitting up.


Some nights we would walk to the marina to eat and shop. Here are the girls at the Marina.


And the group shot.


What to think about this sand stuff? It didn’t taste too good, it could get really hot, and it wasn’t the smoothest surface to sit on. But it is a great bikin shot.


One day Daddy decided to go parasailing, Sydney started crying when she saw Daddy leave because she didn’t think he was gonna come back. So, Reagan started crying too. It’s contagious you know. Once Daddy landed he tried to calm her down but it was too late. She was already to far gone. Only Mommy can save me now.


Dinner in downtown Puerto Vallarta.


Just me and my Mommy


Family Time


Old Town Puerto Vallarta


Whew, what a trip. Time for another nap in the sun.