My First Christmas

By KimMilestones1 Comment

Well, my first Christmas has come and gone and with it came some good and not so good moments. Things started out great as we celebrated Christmas here at home. We woke up and came downstairs to find all sorts of presents around the tree. Since I did not yet have my own stocking (Mimi soon took care of that little issue) Santa left his hat for me full of all sorts of goodies. My favorite was this snowman bell that doubles as a whistle as well as a lolipop.


I had no interest in opening any presents this year so my big sister helped me out. She wasted no time in ripping open my gifts. Here is my new piano. Cool, huh!


A couple of days later Santa himself came around our neighborhood to make sure we got all the gifts. His reindeer must have been tired so he rode through the neighborhood on a big firetruck. That sure was nice of Santa.