Christmas Eve in Fort Wayne

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Next we headed out to Fort Wayne for Christmas with the family. There were so many people to see that we had to spread the holiday over two days. Christmas Eve was not such a great day for me. I wasn’t feeling too great so I was crabby most of the day. Despite my mood I made out pretty good. Here we are at Grandma and Papa Coburn’s house opening my loot.


I let Aunt Sara hold me for a few minutes but other than that I would only allow my Mommy near me. Hence the lack of pictures with anybody else. Did I mention I wasn’t feeling too good?


Next we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Lasleys house for a big family visit. I was asleep this entire party so again no pictures.

Next we headed over to Papa and Grandma Hakes house for Christmas. Again I was asleep most of this party as well. But, I did manage to stay awake just long enough for presents.


Soon enough I was letting it be known that still I was not feeling too good. It started with a fever building, my skin was turning yellow, I started throwing up, my eyes started rolling back in my head, and finally I was unable to hold my head up. Time to get in the car and head to the ER. It was the only thing open on Christmas Eve. The doctors suspected that I had contracted Hepatitis in Mexico from my symptoms. So they took some blood, which I really didn’t like, and ran some tests. All turned out to be okay. Probably just a stomach virus. But not a way to spend your first Christmas Eve.