Christmas Day

By KimA Day in the Life2 Comments

Christmas Day was spent the whole day at Nana and Papa Fuller’s house. I was doing a little better probably because we weren’t running around so much, but still still pretty crabby. And would you believe I had more presents to open! Nana out did herself again with the home made gifts. Here is a picture of the matching scarves she made Sydney and me.


Here is a picture of Nana’s house after all the presents were open. I decided it was okay to let Mimi hang out with me for a few minutes. Well, at least until I caught sight of my Mommy again.


Later that evening the moodiness came back to me once again. Nana was able to keep me somewhat subdued for a few minutes with one of her patented bucket rides. I don’t know if I liked it or was just confused by what was happening to me.


Wow, what a first Christmas. I did have a good time, I think? But, I bet next year will be really fun.