Children’s Museum

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Natalee and Dohn wanted to take the kids to the Indy Children’s Museum. Mom and Dad had not been there since we were kids. The consensus was that it is still the best kids museum in the land. Dino-riffic? We are in Indy. There is only 1 thing to do in Indy…drive fast cars! C’mon doggie. Let’s go! Check out … Read More

Beach Bunny

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Most days in Mexico start with playing in the sand. Nana was a very good castle builder according to the girls. Later it was time to work making some more sand from sand with this factory device.


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Jenny reminded me that I had not posted the Halloween pictures. Oops. Better late, than never. Reagan loves Care Bears. She has 3 that dance and sing. So we went with that this year. We bought the costume at a local store and tried it on there. When we decided to buy it, we tried to take it back off … Read More