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What a week for such a little girl. Reagan went back to her Pediatrician this week for a check on her weight gain two weeks after being told she was failing to thrive. Instead of gaining like the doctors had hoped she actually lost 2 ounces. Not much of a loss but more importantly no gain either. She weighed in at an even 14 pounds which at 9 months is not even on the growth chart. So the doctor decided it best to run a bunch of tests to see if something else is going on. We took blood, urine and fecal samples. Definitely not easy on a nine month old. We had to go to three different labs to get her blood sample since the technicians were having difficulties drawing the samples. The poor things eyes were red for hours. If you thought she was shy before you should try to hold her now. She cries at the sight of anyone but Mom or Dad for fear of another poke. They are running tests on just about everything…kidneys, liver functioning, thyroid, CBC, fecal body fat, and others I couldn’t name. We’ll keep you all updated on her results.

Project bottle and extra food is a struggle as well. After three weeks of constant trying she still refuses any kind of bottle or cup. And the five meals they wanted her to get are more like 2 or 3 at the moment. The kid just doesn’t want to eat that much but she is definitely not lacking in the energy department. She never stops moving. If the doctors weren’t telling me she was too thin I wouldn’t know a thing was wrong with her. Most of the day she is really happy and on the constant go.