Reagan Rides

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I would have sworn Reagan was too little to ride a bike but boy did she prove me wrong. If Sydney tells Reagan to do something she doesn’t even hesitate. She is her sister’s little puppet. Sydney pulled Reagan around the house for a good 30 minutes. She did a great job making sure she was careful. But, I think … Read More

She Stands

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Well, I told you all it would only take me a couple of days to master this standing up thing. Mama took me and Syd to play at the indoor playground. There was this little boat that I just had to crawl over to. It was the perfect height and with no trouble I just stood up using this boat. … Read More

Happy Valentines Day

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Wow, another holiday. I could get used to this. Mommy and Daddy got me this teddy bear for Valentines Day. I just love to hug him. He also comes in handy with my favorite game, Peek-A-Boo. You put him on your head and then throw him down as you scream. Sydney got this big bear from her Valentine. He has … Read More

Steamboat Springs

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You saw Sydney’s Steamboat Adventures now here is Reagan’s story. Reagan spent most of her time in the condo enamoured by the one step that led down to the sunken family room. She spent several hours a day trying to climb up that darn step. Sorry to say this feat was not accomplished but she was close. She did get … Read More