She Stands

By KimMilestones4 Comments

Well, I told you all it would only take me a couple of days to master this standing up thing. Mama took me and Syd to play at the indoor playground. There was this little boat that I just had to crawl over to. It was the perfect height and with no trouble I just stood up using this boat. Too easy. Now that I had the boat conquered I went home and conquered this activity table. I am still having troubles with the dismount so Mommy must be nearby to catch me just in case. Some of the time I can swing my leg around to fall on my butt but more often I just take a face plant.

Next item up….the stairs! I have been wasting no time. Once the stand was accomplished I immediately moved on to try and get up those stairs. No where near making it up those suckers yet but like I said before…just give me a couple of days.


Oh, and I also had my follow up appointment with my doctor. All tests came back normal except I had an elevated white blood cell count. I was sick at the time of the tests so this was no surprise. They are rerunning that test just to be safe. The doctor was especially excited that I finally gained some weight this time. I went from 14 pounds to 15 pounds 6 ounces in one month. Mama’s forced feedings must be working. I no longer fight her with eating. In fact I get mad if I don’t get my 5 meals a day now. I don’t know why I wouldn’t eat before. I am a MUCH happier baby with this food in my stomach. Though, I am still refusing any kind of bottle or sippie cup. I can’t make my parents life too easy.