Spend the Day in My Shoes

By KimA Day in the Life8 Comments

Would you all like to see ho I spend my day? Here is what I did in about one hour this afternoon. Mommy is hoping this shows you just how much I can get into now that I am a master crawler.

Let’s start our tour here at the stairs. I am still trying to conquer these darn things but have made no progress to date. This dog knows I am not allowed to play here by myself so she is always blocking me. Tattle Tail.


Next, we move over to this plant next to the stairs. It is imperative that you remove as many stones as possible and throw them all over the place. They also make cool noises when you bang them against either the pot or the window.


Oh no! My sister found me. Just look at what I have to put up with around here. Just wait until I’m bigger. Pay back will be divine.


Whoa, what the heck was that noise. I gotta book it to the window and take a look. Good thing these window sills are so low. I am just the right height to keep a look out.


On to the kitchen. The leaves on this plant fall right off with just the slightest touch. Comes in handy when you are in the mood for a snack.


Cool a drink. Just what you need after a little snack. This also comes in handy for a little hand and face wash after digging in all that dirt.


Next we move over to these cool hanging things. These are awesome because if you yank hard enough they come right down. I’ve heard my sister loosened these up for me when she was my age. Thanks Sis! Whoa Dude, extra bonus. There is that cat. Let’s get him.


Cool, I’ve got him cornered under the table. First thing you do is pull on this thing. It makes the cat make really funny noises.


Next, you bounce up and down on this fatty pad while simultaneously pulling out chunks of hair. I can’t imagine anything more fun than this.


That cat hurt my feelings. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t want to plat with me.


Oh well, I’ll just play under here by myself. This is my favorite place to play anyway. You’ve got all sorts of things to climb on or under.


And the best part of the day. Wait until Mommy turns her back and then eat lots of dirt out of one of these pots. Its a regular smorgasboard around here.


Hope you enjoyed your tour. I won’t tell you what I can do in the bathroom. I don’t want Grammie to pass out or anything.