Craptacular View

By BrandonAdventures5 Comments

On a recent work trip, the whole family went so we could revisit our old home state. It had been raining in California forever but we caught a rare dry morning while up in San Francisco and the bridge was free of fog! So we took the kids over the bridge to the lookout point on the North side. Mom got this great shot of Reagan and Sydney with me. A rare one with them both smiling! Notice the big Coast Guard cruiser in the ocean on the left.


Now for the after story…something started to stink while we were posing for this. When the picture was done, Kim looked in Reagan pants to find a big mess. Actually, she stuck her finger in a bit. This seems to be how most Moms check for wetness. Then they are amazed that they have shit on their finger. So we went to the car and stripped Reagan down. It was all over her pants and we had sites to see. I took her pants into the public restrooms and started washing them out. Took about 10 minutes. Had to get all the poopy out of the sink too. Then I used the hand air dryer to blow the pants dry. There is a science to doing that I learned with the help of a guy that looked like he often dried his clothes in this manner. About 15 minutes later, I had some “street cleaned” pants for Reagan. Kim usually packs extra clothes but didn’t because we would need them today.

Later in the day while enjoying our favorite ice cream treat at Ghirardelli, Sydney knocked a couple of the infamous Dixie cups of water right into Mom’s lap. Nice. Hey, I knew how to fix this but Kim didn’t want to be without her pants for 15 minutes.

I love those that say “kids make life better”. If better equals more challenging and learning MacGyver pants cleaning techniques, then maybe.