Rainy California

By KimAdventures1 Comment

I just got back from my first ever official visit to California. My parents were scared to take me since I don’t sleep well away from home AT ALL. But, to all of our surprise I did really good. The trick was that our hotel room had a seperate living room and bedroom. So I had the room to myself with no sleeping distractions. Also didn’t hurt that we were constantly on the run leaving me exhausted.

We spent one day at the Discovery Zone Kids Museum in San Jose. This is Mommy’s favorite kids museum becuse the exhibits all have a section for kids 4 years old and under so we don’t get trampled by the big kids. All these exhibits are then made especially for us little ones so we can see and reach everthing. My sister and I just loved this place. Its also not a stuffy ole museum. Its exhibits are all really fun and not too scientific for us to understand. Much more like a huge playground.

When we first arrived there was a school field trip going on so it was packed. We headed upstairs and found a new huge area open only for kids 4 and under. So we ducked in a got away from the crowds. I could crawl around everywhere and had a blast. Here I am in the treehouse room. I conquered my fear of stairs for the first time to reach this toad stool.


Next I crawled into the treehouse to distroy my sisters tea party she was having with some girl she met. Payback for all the toys she has taken from me. HA HA HA


I could not stay in one place for too long so next we headed over to this sand table. I have learned from our backyard that sand tastes very bad so Mommy let me play in the sand.


Again, the table was just the right height.


Time for the cave of noises. You could wiggle these items and they woud then make belt out their sounds. I must admit I was a little confused by where the noises were coming from when I touched these toys. How was that happening?


Well, the school kids were gone so we decided to check out the rest of the museum. But, not before we crawled through the long carpeted tunnels, danced in the carousel room, or painted on the walls in the craft room. Mom had trouble getting pictures of everything we did.

By far the best exhibit at the Discover Zone is the water area. Again, they have a roped off section for kids 4 and under and I got right in there. There are all sorts of balls floating around and you can grab them and throw them in all sorts of different fountains. I had a blast splashing with all the other kids. And best of all Mom couldn’t yell at me for splashing because that’s what you were supposed to do.


Needless to say I was now soaked, hungry and tired so we headed back to the hotel. But, we did spend a better part of the day at the Discovery Zone. Mommy wishes we had something like this in Colorado. Guess we’ll just have to go to California more often.

We also spent the next day in San Francisco. Here I am in the token sea lion photo. They were pretty funny guys with all their fighting. They also made lots of noises I could mimic.