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We’ve told you all about Reagan’s talent for putting things on her head. Well, now this talent has expanded into hats as well. She now knows that the hat rack is in the laundry room. Throughout the day she wanders in there and points up to the hats whining. We give her a hat and she is happy. I think … Read More

Colorado Ocean Journey

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Sydney has been complaining to us that we never take her to see the sharks. We fell for this so called guilt trip and took the girls to the Aquarium in Denver last week. We weren’t expecting too much because this is a pretty much land locked area. But, to our surprise it was a really nice aquarium and the … Read More

My New Talent

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Every Kid has their own talent. That one thing that they really like to do or are just really good at. For example, Sydney always liked to carry as many things around as possible. Still does. Anywhere we go Syd has to have her bag of guys keeping her company. Well, Reagan has just found that she has a knack … Read More

Look at Me Go

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On the evening of my birthday I decided it was time to try this walking thing. So I stood up against the coffee table and took my first couple of steps. Since then I have been cautiously taking a few more steps here and there but nothing too crazy. I have also been building up my strength with my walker. … Read More