Happy First Birthday To Me

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This last weekend we had a huge birthday party for me and Sydney. All of our friends came to celebrate and boy did we have fun. Though I have to admit that I was asleep for almost the entire party so there really aren’t many pictures of me. I didn’t even get any cake but not to worry. Mommy bought a tiny ice cream cake just for me and I’ll probably eat that here real soon. We’ll post the cake face pictures of that later. We had a princess party so of course we had to dress the part.


We had a princess bouncer for all the kids to jump in. I was asleep during this portion so I actually didn’t jump but I did get up close to watch them.


We also had a Fill-A-Friend portion of the party. All of the kids picked out their own stuffed animals and during the party we all stuffed them and dressed them. I was asleep during this part but I heard it was a madhouse so maybe it was good I wasn’t there. I got my own giraffe to stuff but he has a rip so we will stuff him once the replacement gets here.


Here’s a picture of my cake. I hear it was a really yummy strawberry ice cream cake. I am really looking forward to eating my tiny version of the real thing.


I got lots of great presents and did have a good time during the parts that I was actually awake for. Can’t wait to see what I can get into this year.