My New Talent

By KimA Day in the Life3 Comments

Every Kid has their own talent. That one thing that they really like to do or are just really good at. For example, Sydney always liked to carry as many things around as possible. Still does. Anywhere we go Syd has to have her bag of guys keeping her company. Well, Reagan has just found that she has a knack for putting things on her head. This talent first came into play with playing Peek-A-Boo. She just loved putting the blanket on her head and then quickly pulling it off. But now Reagan has found a new passion in necklaces. At any given moment Reagan must have her beads on. We have seen her with as many as 10 pairs on at once. She’ll be walking around the house when all of a sudden she sees a necklace. She immediately stops everything and bends down to put these things on. It really is funny to see. She can even take them on and off without getting them all tangled together. Now sadly I cannot find any use for this talent in the future as a way of supporting herself. But boy will she be popular at Mardi Gras.