Bye For Now

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Well, it was time for Nana and Papa to go home. I can’t believe its gonna be 10 whole days before we see them again. But, this time I get to run around their house and check out all the new stuff they got for their new house. I especially can’t wait to run my fingers up and down their … Read More

Pike’s Peak

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Today we took the COGS Railway up to the summit of Pike’s Peak. I slept most of the way up but did wake up just above tree line. Here’s a picture of one of the other trains we passed. And here are some of the views on the way up. We weren’t on the summit very long but we did … Read More

Longmont Sunrise Stampede 2006

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Daddy was running in the local Longmont Sunrise Stampede 10K this morning. So we all decided to go cheer him along. Sydney helped Daddy warm-up for his race as you can see on her blog. So I concentrated on warming up myself. We were after all walking in the 2 mile ourselves. First you must stretch really good. Next, you … Read More

Coors with Papa and Nana

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Nana and Papa came for a visit and the first thing they wanted to do was tour the ole Coors Brewery in Golden. Barely one years old and I am already hitting the breweries with my Mardi Gras beads. I think I have the makings of a party girl already.

Little Pink Corvette

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Reagan has been very unhappy that her parents have not been letting her ride around in the pink corvette with her sister. If you had seen her sister’s driving you would understand our hesitation. Daddy agreed this was very unfair so he fashioned up a seat belt for Miss Reagan. Oh, and her sister’s driving skills have greatly improved. The … Read More