Longmont Sunrise Stampede 2006

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Daddy was running in the local Longmont Sunrise Stampede 10K this morning. So we all decided to go cheer him along. Sydney helped Daddy warm-up for his race as you can see on her blog. So I concentrated on warming up myself. We were after all walking in the 2 mile ourselves. First you must stretch really good.


Next, you can run a few wrm-up laps on the track. This was fun since I am starting to get really good at this running thing.


Time for the race. Daddy bought Mommy this new double jogging stroller just last weekend. We just sat back and ate cheerios along the way. It was really comfy and we were really good, no whining or anything.


After our race we waited in the stadium to see Daddy finish his race. At this time I discovered that there was a little step up to the track. I am currently trying to conquer steps so I was constantly going up and down this step. I didn’t seem to mind that this was part of the actual track and people were running here. Mommy kept picking me up and taking me away and boy did I throw fits at this. I’ve gotta get my exercise in too.


Wow, Daddy made it back. We were worried because his leg had been hurting him. Syd and I were so excited to see him that we ran to him as soon as he finished. No rest for you Daddy.