Bye For Now

By KimA Day in the Life2 Comments

Well, it was time for Nana and Papa to go home. I can’t believe its gonna be 10 whole days before we see them again. But, this time I get to run around their house and check out all the new stuff they got for their new house. I especially can’t wait to run my fingers up and down their new faux painting textures that Nana has been talking so much about. Here are just a few more pictures of how we spent our time with Nana and Papa.

I spent a lot of time playing in the dirty fountain water. This water is great. Its full of pond slime and bird poop. You never know what you’ll find in this thing.


We played with our friends.


I rode my bike. This bike is cool. Its made for little ones like me. It won’t roll by itself at all. I have to push with my feet to get it to move. I can even ride it down our slanted driveway and it doesn’t move at all without me.


Safety First Always!


And of course, it wouldn’t have been a visit with Nana without our posed pictures in Mommy’s garden. Aren’t I pretty.