Denver Children’s Museum

By KimA Day in the Life1 Comment

Last month Mommy took Sydney and I to the Children’s Museum in Denver. I’d have to say I got a little overwhelmed with all the stuff to do but I did have a lot of fun. First we went into this room that looked like a forest. It was full of crooked walkways and play trees to climb on. This was a great place for me to practice my climbing skills. But, most of all I just liked to cuddle up with my new friend.


Next we headed upstairs to the pretend grocery and restaurant. It was a little too crazy with kids to play too much in the gocery store. However, I was quickly put to work in the restaurant. Well, mostly I just moved the food from the oven to the storage bins over and over and over. But, it needed to be done.


Lastly we went into the Lego Room. They had a lego train in this room with lots of buttons to play with. I was having so much fun with all the buttons until my sister came and tried to take over. Sometimes she just makes me so mad.


In the end she made up for it by taking me for a ride on the playground. I guess she is good to have around….sometimes.