Gimmie Five

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Reagan has recently discovered the wonderful world of ‘gimmie fives.’ She has always been super shy with other people but now all these people have to do is offer up their fives and she is more than happy to oblige. She also uses these fives to help make people feel better. For example, she may throw a tantrum and hit … Read More


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We decided to color some Easter eggs this week since big sister seems to be obsessed with Easter this year. I didn’t think Reagan would be too into this activity this year but it was quite the opposite. She was having so much fun dunking her eggs into the dye and then scooping them up in her spoon to transfer … Read More

Cowboy Reagan

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Every Wednesday Sydney has an hour long dance class. Reagan and Mom have to wait outside her class during the hour so we always bring along all sorts of toys to pay with. But this week she insisted on dressing up extra special for the class. I think she is trying to impress the little baby boy who always crawls … Read More


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Reagan has been bringing us princess clothing screaming “Pretty” as she tries to rip off her clothes. As soon as she gets the dress on her hands immediately go up above her head as she twirls around in a ballerina dance. I think the fact that her sister is a different princess every hour is starting to rub off on … Read More