Butterfly Pavillion

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School’s out so as a special treat Mommy took us to the Butterfly Pavillion. The first part of the museum is full of all sorts of bugs and spiders to look at. I liked searching for the hidden bugs in their cages but as soon as I found them I was sure to tell everyone how yucky they were. Mommy … Read More

I Wanna Go Wee

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I Wanna Go Wee! That’s what I tell Mommy all the time. Luckily our town built this cool new Advneture Park this year. It is like no other playground we have seen and its about 2 miles from our house. We are so lucky. Well, first we had to grab some grub at the local McD’s. Just as we started … Read More

The Gymnast

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Sydney is not the only gymnast in this family. Reagan has just wrapped up her first year of gymnastics classes. So far she loves going to class. She especially likes her “Pretty” that’s leotard for you non-baby talk people. One of her favorite activities is the trampoline. Here she is running on the long trampoline. They do also have the … Read More