The Gymnast

By KimA Day in the Life1 Comment

Sydney is not the only gymnast in this family. Reagan has just wrapped up her first year of gymnastics classes. So far she loves going to class. She especially likes her “Pretty” that’s leotard for you non-baby talk people.


One of her favorite activities is the trampoline. Here she is running on the long trampoline. They do also have the regular kind but this one is fun because you can do a bouncy run.


They use a lot of ramps to get up onto the mats. Those are cool too because you can bounce on them as well. One thing we cannot say about Reagan is that she is good with the other kids. Quite the opposite. If someone tries to cut in line or share something with her she is very quick to scold them loudly or even take to pushing. We will work on that one for next year.


Reagan never cries when it is time to go home. Especially because the end of class means sitting on your color square and tapping your knees as you sing the Bye-Bye song. She loves it so much that Mommy often sings it as one of her goodnight songs.