I Wanna Go Wee

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I Wanna Go Wee! That’s what I tell Mommy all the time. Luckily our town built this cool new Advneture Park this year. It is like no other playground we have seen and its about 2 miles from our house. We are so lucky. Well, first we had to grab some grub at the local McD’s. Just as we started eating this guy showed up. I have no idea who this is but he seemed funny.


Onto the playground already.


They have this really tall playset with slides, ladders and bridges. The really fun way to get to the top is by way of these cool steps going up the hill. I am so big now that I can maneuver these babies ALL BY MYSELF. At least that’s what I say to Mommy.


They also have this cool rock garden setup. I love running through the path of rocks.


I can also climb these big ones. Again all by myself.


By far one of my favorite things to do is play in this little house. First I cover the table with lots and lots of woodchips. Then I try to get the other kids to eat them, (I pretend its food). Then I throw them all on the ground and start over again.


Before we leave I have to check out the latest moves on the new skate park next door.


Or maybe I just use this as an excuse to run down the hill. Either way its a fun day.