Butterfly Pavillion

By KimA Day in the Life1 Comment

School’s out so as a special treat Mommy took us to the Butterfly Pavillion. The first part of the museum is full of all sorts of bugs and spiders to look at. I liked searching for the hidden bugs in their cages but as soon as I found them I was sure to tell everyone how yucky they were. Mommy was so proud. You could even take a turn at holding a tarantula and cockroach. Sydney jumped at this chance. But since I am currently in the squishing bugs is fun stage Mommy thought it best that I skip this actiity.

But I absolutely loved the butterfly exhibit. There were hundreds of butterflies flying all around you. I had a blast pointing them out and then shouting out what colors they were. I also loved sniffing all the pretty flowers.


Another fun day acting crazy with NeNe.