Road Trip

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There is a lot to do in Colorado. I wanted to go bye bye and see some of it. So Mom and Dad took us on a road trip for the weekend. After Dad’s Race in Leadville, we headed over Independence Pass to Aspen. My parents drove off without me so I just sat here waiting for them to return.


Ok, I lied. I was just hanging out there looking cute. I had them take some more photos of me. Its called modeling, folks.


In Aspen they have the coolest playground! They have a slide made of rock. I really liked it because I usually go flying down slides and cannot stop. Here it wasn’t too fast. Notice my new kitty in my hand. I would take him up to the top and throw him down. Go kitty!


We went to a really big pool in Glenwood Springs. I really liked it because the water was so warm. You see — I usually freeze to death in any type of pool because I zero body fat. Its a curse. Time to refuel!


Later, I decided to lounge by the adult section and splash around.


Then before bed, we went to this really weird place. Everybody gets a stick and a ball. You hit the ball and chase it. Then there is a hole at the end that you must put the ball in. Finally, I figured it out. I would just put my ball on the tee. Then pick it up and run it all the way down and throw it in the hole and cheer. Yeah me! I think I won.


The next morning we went to a very scary cave. I said scary 100 times a minute. However, it was pretty fun after a bit especially when we got to come outside again.


Man, I am tired. Driver, take me back home!