Stay Cool

By BrandonA Day in the Life1 Comment

We are trying to squeeze out every last day of summer fun at the pool. Today we headed back to Water World for our 3rd visit of the year. Reagan has 0 body fat on her so even at 100 degrees out, she tends to get cold in a hurry. However, when the camera came out, she was ready to … Read More

First Day of (Fake) School

By BrandonMilestones1 Comment

Reagan goes to a pre-pre-school program one day a week. Today was the first day for 2007. She was ready to go. Although, she was kinda confused because she goes and drops off Sydney twice a week without staying — but today she has to stay. Make up your minds! And just like Sydney she won’t tell you anything about … Read More

A Special Visit

By BrandonVisits1 Comment

A few weeks ago, they called us and said that Mimi was in the hospital and not doing so hot. So on our trip home we made a few stops into the place that Mimi is staying to spread some of that young laughter. The girls got to play bingo, look at the birds and take a wheelchair ride with … Read More