Gimee Candy

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Reagan is our candy kid. So Halloween is a big trade-off for her: be scared or get candy. Luckily, with the daylight savings time being later this year, she got to start trick-or-treating in the light of day. That should keep the ghosts away right? Time for the princess to go get the candy! Reagan had her little Tinker Bell … Read More


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This year we decided to take the kids to Disney for a week of vacation! We were constantly on the move every minute and the kids had a great time. I think we visited with about 30+ Disney characters. There was just too much action to cover so I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Animal Park

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We took the kid’s to the zoo — sorry, Animal Park in Reagan speak — for a “Member’s Breakfast”. She was pretty excited to go to the zoo. Everytime is like a new experience. However, every time she stops at an animal she tells us what it is and then says “Let’s go!” and wants to move on. Its like … Read More

Geeking Out

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I am sitting on the couch using the computer — something I rarely do — I usually am in my office. And I turn around and Reagan is crawling up on the couch with me banging me with this box. I was thinking to myself — Reagan, just let me relax for a minute! However, I suddenly figured out what … Read More