On Notice

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Kim is putting Reagan on notice — if she doesn’t start smiling, there will be no more pictures! This kid gets pissed whenever we tell her to smile. Its the perfect anti-behavior. We have tried everything. I am literally saying every silly (and somewhat dirty) combination of words to get her attention for a second! To end the trip, Reagan … Read More

Sea Side

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We spent some time with the sea lions after breakfast. They were right in our faces! Reagan enjoyed being so close to these wild guys. Then we headed down to Pacific Grove for some beach/rock exploring. Reagan was into it then not into it. After we got back to the car, she proclaimed “We made it!”.

A Day In Monterey

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Reagan wanted to go and see the animals. Animals are all that this kid talks about. So we ate lunch on the waterfront. We got a front row table of the ocean and watched otters play in the bay while we ate. Next, we decided to cover more ground by renting a bike for the family. Weee! Dad was sweating … Read More

Coit Tower

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We headed up Coit Tower for a final overlook of the city before heading out. This wasn’t nearly as painful as it looks. Reagan had the most fun running around the walkway at the bottom. Many priceless pictures of her with a big smile that we don’t normally get on film. Hey, Reagan…having fun on vacation?