A Day In Monterey

By BrandonA Day in the Life1 Comment

Reagan wanted to go and see the animals. Animals are all that this kid talks about. So we ate lunch on the waterfront. We got a front row table of the ocean and watched otters play in the bay while we ate. Next, we decided to cover more ground by renting a bike for the family. Weee! Dad was sweating his but off. This bike was direct drive and my pedal partner’s knee isn’t so good. But we made it from end to end!


Hey, Reagan, wanna go to a real “Rock Playground”? (Rock Playground being the code name of a playground back home that has small rocks to climb on.) So we spent an hour at Pacific Grove’s Lover’s Point climbing around. These rocks are really grippy so they are great for climbing.


Getting tired yet?


The girls played on the beach by the water while we relaxed for a minute on the beach. Guess who is all wet now? So after a change of clothes, we spent the rest of the day at the aquarium. Anyone having fun yet?


Reagan passed out in her stroller near the end of the aquarium visit. She slept all through a long dinner. Then she popped up right as we were near the hotel and wanted to eat. We took her into the drug store and found the food. Kim pointed to a Lunchables (one of Reagan’s favorites) and said You want this? With the saddest sound and face, Reagan mumbled yes in some sort of tired happiness. Great end to a great day in her eyes.