Happy Birthday Reagan!

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Today was finally the big day. With the party 2 days ago, Reagan now thinks that your birthday lasts many days in a row. To be a kid!

Reagan picked her dining location — Red Robin. The bird himself was even there to sing to her. Afterwards, we came home and had some cake and opened presents. Reagan got a variety of cool things that Mom had shopped for including this animal caller that makes over a dozen jungle animal sounds. The kids went out back and blew it on the deck and are still waiting for the “hi-o-tees” to show up!

Reagan's Birthday

Grandma Charlee sent along a music box thingy that Reagan seemed to be quite interested in. Girls love that kind of crap.

Reagan's Birthday

I captured some video yesterday of day 2 of the birthday festivities. Here is a video of Reagan eating a birthday cupcake — but that’s not what she calls it — and opening a box of gifts from Nana & Papa Fuller.

Its been an exciting year for Reagan as she started going to school 2 days a week and now is pretty decent and using the potty. This means she gets to now go to summer camp like the other big girls! But I think she still likes to be known as Baby from time to time — and we hope it stays that way!